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    The purpose of our website is to provide a place where you can learn about ZUMBA® Fitness and also to spread our passion for aerobics where you “ditch the workout and join the party”.

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  • What makes our ZUMBA® Fitness class different?

    We offer a unique approach to teaching in that the majority of our classes are taught by a minimum of two instructors! Each student gets to experience different teaching techniques as well as different personalities! It also allows us to demonstrate different levels of intensity as well as freeing up one another to modify steps for beginner students.

    We tend to feed off of each other’s energy and that radiates throughout each one of our classes to make it less of a workout and more of a party!

    We don’t boast to be the best ZUMBA® Fitness class or the best instructors... ZUMBA® Fitness is a family and each class you attend will be different… that’s the beauty of ZUMBA®! Each and every instructor brings their own personality and flair to make their class unique. We don’t have years of experience teaching aerobics (yet!) but we strive to give you a great workout with effective movements and fresh, new choreography on a monthly basis.

    We truly love everything about being ZUMBA® Fitness instructors... meeting new people, making friends with our students and turning someone’s dismal day into a cheerful night.

    We aren’t just ZUMBA® instructors… we constantly find ourselves in the role of motivator, friend, even therapist!

    I can’t promise that you will come to our class and it will solve all your problems... but I can assure you that if you open your heart and mind... and start moving to the beat you will leave: happy, sweaty!, laughing, feeling accomplished, a little thinner, a LOT healthier, less stressed... and more yourself.

    We feel lucky to have the opportunity to do what we love and spread ZUMBA® Fitness in our Dallas community! In short, ZUMBA® is FUN, it’s different, it’s easy and it’s EFFECTIVE! Come try out our class today!

    Thanks for visiting and checking out our website!

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